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Terms and Conditions




1. I Jennifer Fogerty Hair & Makeup or a member of the Jennifer Fogerty Pro- Team, agree to provide a personal service on the date as detailed on the Booking Form.




Minimum Booking 

From 2022 there will be a minimum booking fee of £450 for any services provided by Jennifer (Excluding travel & accommodation expenses) on weekend bookings from April 2022, unless otherwise agreed with Jennifer.


Second Artists

In some instances a second artist will be required, this is usually the case for large bridal parties or time restricted venues/wedding parties. One fee of £75 will be charged regardless of how many additional artists are required. We do however ask that fuel and parking expenses are covered for each individual artist.


Split Set-up

In the event that Jennifer or any team member are required to attend two separate locations on any booking (including 2 rooms within the same venue) a charge of £75 will be applied.


To secure your wedding booking, a completed booking form is required with a booking fee of £150 due at the same time. The booking fee covers the reservation of the date and any administrative costs related to supplying our services. This booking fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. It will be deducted from the outstanding balance.


Please be advised your wedding date will only be reserved when a completed booking form and payment are received.


To secure a general booking a completed booking form is required with a booking fee (job dependent) due at the same time. The booking fee covers the reservation of the date and any administrative costs related to supplying our services. This booking fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. It will be deducted from the outstanding balance.



Electronic Bank transfer details are as follows:


Name on Account: Jennifer Fogerty


Sort Code: 04-06-05

Account: 15547098



The outstanding balance plus any additional monies owed will be required a minimum of 6 weeks in advance of your wedding date or 1 week prior to any other booking.


Cancellation and Postponement

Cancellation prior to 6 weeks of your wedding date will result in no further monies being owed. Cancellation after this period will result in 50% of the remaining balance being withheld. 


All amendments to numbers must be made before the final balance is paid, 6 weeks prior to the wedding. After this point, no refunds will be given for those not requiring services booked.


In the event that booking numbers are reduced from the original quote, the minimum booking fee of £450 will remain in place. 


In the event of postponement due to government restrictions, you may transfer your booking fee to a new date once. It is advised that you check availability with Jennifer before booking a new date, as no availability will result in the original booking fee being withheld.


In exceptional circumstances, Jennifer or pro team members may need to cancel a booking due to sickness, injury, personal emergency or other circumstances beyond their control. All attempts will be made to find an alternative stylist of a similar style & standard. If this is not possible or is unacceptable to the client, I Jennifer Fogerty will refund 100% of any monies paid including the booking fee.


I recommend that all of my clients take out full wedding insurance.




There is a mileage fee of 60p per mile each way. This covers fuel but also time spent travelling. If parking, congestion or toll charges are incurred, these fees will also be the responsibility of the client and may mean being invoiced prior to the wedding/Event. 


Jennifer and my team are happy to travel 2 hours (according to google) each way on a wedding day. If the journey is longer than this or a start time earlier than 5.30am (inclusive of travel), then accommodation will be required the night before. The cost will be discussed and an agreed with the Bride and added to the final balance.



Bridal Previews are held midweek. Monday-Friday during office hours. Weekends are reserved for weddings. 


Preview locations are artist dependent. Jennifer is happy to travel up to 1 hour, otherwise it is asked that the client travel to a location in Windsor or nearby.


Bridal Hair or Bridal Makeup Preview appointments are allocated 1.5-2 hours. Bridal Hair and Makeup preview appointments are allocated 3.5-4 hours. If a decision isn’t made in this time a second preview will need to be booked at the expense of the client. 


In the case of a second preview for changes and adjustments, this will also be charged as per the original preview and subject to availability.


We do not offer Bridesmaid or Mother Previews on the same day as Bridal Previews. These appointments can be booked for an alternative date. 





It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that Jennifer is informed of any allergies on the booking form or at the earliest opportunity via the booking form or email. Jennifer or any of the team, cannot be held liable or responsible for any unknown or undeclared allergies.


It is the client’s responsibility to provide a suitable environment with adequate lighting, a mirror, a chair, electricity points and hand washing facilities.


Please ensure that every member of the Bridal Party is aware of the schedule on the day. Each person will be required to be available throughout the agreed time period. Should one or more of the bridal party be late, then their allocated time may be cut short/cancelled.


Please ensure that everyones hair is clean, completely dry (unless appointment is for a blow-dry) and free from product. I advise washing the night before and avoiding heavy conditioners.





Any photographs taken by Jennifer or the pro team members during the preview or on the wedding day itself may be used on, social media or within marketing for Jennifer Fogerty Hair and Makeup. Any objections to this must be raised at the time of booking in writing. 


Jennifer and pro team members are happy to be photographed on your wedding day, however, any image incorporating Jennifer Fogerty Hair and Makeup’s work, must be credited with the full business name and website link.





If I or any of my pro team members are made to feel uncomfortable or mistreated at any time during the appointment, we have the right to cancel with immediate effect, without refund.


There is a strict no smoking policy and reserve the right to refuse further work should any member of the bridal party, or any of the wedding guests, choose to smoke within the allocated work space.


I and any of my pro team members reserve the right to refuse to work on any head with evidence of head-lice without refund.


In the event that the client has bonded or tape extensions, I and my pro team members will endeavour to take all precautions in order to prevent damage. Without knowing exactly what the hair is made of or the source we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused. 


In the case of a pandemic Jennifer Fogerty Hair and Makeup will have a separate document outlining our policy and procedure that needs to be adhered to.





Jennifer Fogerty Hair and Makeup is fully covered by insurance. Each team member have their own independent cover. 


Please note that although Jennifer and pro-team members are more than happy to help with the dressing of the bridal party, it is not covered by the insurance. Should any accidental damage occur, the responsibility lies solely with the owner of the item.




The client’s details will never be passed on or sold to any third party.






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