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New Blog!

So...this week has been an interesting one for us. I've decided to start a Blog. For months we have been cooped up indoors and every day I've been feeling increasingly guilty for the lack of work I have been putting into Pin-Ups. This is mainly because I am a busy Mummy of 2 under 2 and I just haven't had the time to look up since January, when Beatrix was born.

Hair and Make Up just hasn't been possible, as obviously due to Covid 19, I haven't been allowed to touch anyone and sadly all of my booked Weddings have been cancelled or Postponed. So, Make Up practise has been on myself and the only Hair I've been styling is my 23 month olds. (My hair is lucky if its been blow dried). Dealing with wonky bunches on a toddler is not quite as satisfying as doing Bridal Hair! Oh how I miss it.

Anyway, these last few months has really given me the opportunity to have a think about my career and how I want to progress my business going forward. I want to show my daughters that they can do what they are passionate about, make a career out of it and work it around having a family - If they desire.

So, this week I've finally done something about how I've been feeling and signed up to an online marketing course with and I feel so motivated. There is an online facebook group with like minded business owners and everyday Maddie goes Live and sets little tasks. So here I am starting blog as advised. I must say I'm feeling very inspired.

In my Blog I will be sharing everything that I know as a previous Bride and as a Hair and Make Up artist. Anything I need a little help on, I will be inviting guest professionals to share their expertise. I'll share real Weddings and collaborative shoots, review products, give Hair and Make Up hints and tips and generally just share my knowledge. I hope it will be a place of joy and inspiration for anyone interested.

Jennifer xxx

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Jul 21, 2020

How exciting and very interesting

Well done you xx


Jul 01, 2020

Well done and good luck .xx

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