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What to Expect From Your Bridal Hair and Makeup Trial

Everything you need know about your Bridal Trial - Your Questions answered!

Hairstylist Jennifer Fogerty holds hairspray and tweaks brides hair in a sunlit room.

Now you've booked with Jennifer Fogerty Hair and Makeup, the next step is your Wedding Hair and/or Makeup trial. Do you have a dozen questions about how our Trials work? Hopefully this will give you the answers!

Where do Trials take place?

My trials take place at a studio in Maidenhead or if you are based within a 45 minute drive to Windsor. I can travel to you (if time allows). I just asked that fuel is covered.

The JFHM pro team will likely come to you, but may ask you to travel to them.

When can you have a trial?

We usually recommend brides have a trial 8-12 weeks before your wedding, but you can have one earlier if you choose.

I personally do trials on Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday or Friday mornings. If these don’t work for you, I will always try my very best to accommodate your needs, but weekends are extremely busy for me.

Times and availability differ for each JFHM team member.

How much say do you have in the process?

The trial is a collaborative process. We will work with you in order to create the look that you envisage. We will give you our opinion and use our knowledge to guide you, but essentially everything is your choice. Honesty is greatly encouraged.

How do we prepare for your trial?

We ask that you send a photo of yourself before your trial so we can prepare. Then your inspiration pictures are used as a starting point. We think about things like the shape of your face and features, your colouring and your style. We consider your dress and accessories and then will make suggestions to you based on all of these things.

How can you prepare for your trial?

Send us inspo images and an image of yourself, to help us prepare. Pinterest or Instagram are a great place to start, but be realistic about the images you choose. For example, try searching for people with the same type of hair or skin tone as yourself. If the hairstyle you choose is very full and you don't have much hair, you may need to consider clip in extensions.

Some tips to prepare just before your appointment ;

  • If your hair is straight, please wash your hair the night before your trial and only use conditioner on the ends. Please blow-dry it with a mousse or a salt spray. If your hair is curly or textured please prepare your hair as you would normally. If you need advice, please contact me.

  • Please exfoliate your face (including your lips) 2 days before your trial and moisturise deeply the night before and the morning of your trial.

What should you wear to your trial?

Please wear a light coloured, pretty top. Something with lace, or off the shoulder will help you visualise yourself in a more accurate way. Avoid baggy tops, patterns, bright or dark colours.

Do you need to have your accessories and veil before the trial?

It’s really helpful for us if you have your chosen veil and accessories with you. But if you’re undecided, don't worry. We can discuss the options at the trial.

Can you bring someone with you?

Yes. If your trial is being held in my studio, you're absolutely welcome to bring one person with you. This is mainly down to space. If it's at home then you can have whoever you like there.

It’s important for us that you feel relaxed and enjoy the experience. This is part of the fun! Bring a friend or your Mum and go for lunch after! You will look great.

A beautiful asian female with flawless makeup and magenta lip. She wears a mauve multicolour dress and has her hair softly swept up and away from her face.

What happens if you change your mind?

You may change your mind. It's very normal to have a change of heart. Sometimes a trial is an opportunity to rule ideas out. We are always happy to try a new look on your wedding day from new inspo you have found but if you are worried and want to try out new styles, you can pay for a second trial, time dependent.

How do w remember what we have done at the Trial?

In the trial we write down every makeup step by product and technique and then take photos of the look. Then it is filed in notes together so we have a point of reference on your wedding day. Hair is a little less structured but notes are kept and pictures are taken similarly.

We also ask after every trial, that brides give us a bulleted list of feedback so that we can be sure that any desired tweaks can be made.

It's so important to me that it's a collaboration between myself or my team and the bride and not about doing solely what we think. Your input and opinion is imperative in the process.

If you are hosting the trial, how should you set up and what do you need to provide?

If you are hosting the trial in your home please consider that we will need a room with good natural light, a power point, a table and a 2 chairs. A breakfast bar style chair for makeup and a low backed one for hair. A mirror is a bonus. (If you don’t have these chairs don’t worry, we can work around this)

How Do you book your Trial?

Usually I will contact you when your trial is due, but if you are eager to get a date in the diary, then just send me an email at

I hope that you find this helpful. The most important thing is that you should feel comfortable and that the process is fun. This is one of the moments in wedding planning that you should be looking forward to!

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