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5 Ways for a Calm and Stress-free Wedding Morning

Thinking about how your wedding morning will run and how organised you are is key to a smooth running and stress free morning, which is the perfect way to start one of the most precious days of your life.

  1. Communicate clearly any key times. Some venues don't allow you to access the bridal suite until late morning - will you start getting ready elsewhere or just at the venue? If your staying on site, are your Bridesmaids staying with you? If not, what time are they arriving? Do you want any specific photographs before your ready? And most importantly what time do you want to be fully ready for? Armed with this sort of knowledge, your Hair and Makeup Artist can write an accurate running order and liaise with other relevant suppliers.

2. When I write the morning schedules for Hair and Makeup, I allocate 2 hours for the bride and 90 mins for anyone else having hair and makeup. Consider who might need to be consulted about where they go in the running order. There is usually a pregnant bridesmaid who needs to come later or someone with a newborn that may have feeding commitments. Also I usually find that the mothers prefer to go earlier, so that they can help later on.

3. Make sure that everyone in your Bridal party know what time they are expected in the chair and ensure they are there.

4. Review who you really need with you on your wedding morning. In some cases your whole bridal party, your parents, your photographer, a videographer and sometimes a team of hair and makeup Artists will already be there. You might love the hustle and bustle... if you don't, consider staggering people. This is also the time to think about how much space you have.

5. Don't plan anything for yourself except getting ready. Now is not the time to be handwriting place settings or arranging flowers. This is your time to gather yourself and prepare physically & emotionally for your Wedding day.

If you stick to these key points you and everyone else will know where they're supposed to be and when and in turn leave you with a hassle free and enjoyable morning, leaving your fresh and nothing to worry about!

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